Church of Gesu' Nuovo

Built between 1584 and 1601 by Giuseppe Valeriano, this church rises on the site of the fifteenth-century palazzo dei Sanseverino; from this latter building the church incorporated the unusual diamond fašade by Novello da Sanlucano (1470). It was dedicated to the Immacolata and right from the inauguration was called Ges¨ Nuovo, by the people to distinguish it from the Ges¨ Vecchio. The "founder" of the church was considered to be the Principessa di Bisignano who made a large contribution to the Company and who also nominated it her heir. This fact is commemorated in a tablet in the fašade. The interior is three aisled greek cross with arms of unequal length included in the perimeter. This is considered one of the most interesting examples of Neapolitan baroque and we can admire works by Cosimo Fanzago (Davide e Geremia), Giovanni Lanfranco (Evangelisti, 1638), Giuseppe De Ribera (Storia di Sant'Ignazio), Luca Giordano (Storia di San Francesco), Francesco Solimena (La cacciata di Eliodoro dal tempio, 1625). The reliquary in the chapel of Sant'Anna is particularly interesting: as many as 64 reliquary busts of saints in painted wood, by Domenico di Nardo. (Francesca Del Vecchio)