The Neapoletan Babà

Ingredients for the paste
flour 0 gr. 250; butter gr. 80; sugar gr. 25; yeast bream gr. 20; five eggs; a pinch of salt

ingredients for the syrup
sugar gr. 100; water dl. 1; a small glass of rum
    • dissolve the yeast in a little of warm water and, with gr. 50 of flour, knead a loaf
    • let leaven until it becomes very swollen
    • put the loaf in a tureen and add the remaining flour, the salt, the eggs
    • work the whole until the paste comes off from the walls of the receptacle
    • add the sugar and the (fused) butter amalgamating well
    • grease and sprinkle with flour a form for babà with the border very high
    • put the paste in it and let leaven until the paste will double its volume
    • cook forty minutes in the oven already hot at 180 °C until the surface of the babà will turn in a fine brown color
    • cold the sweet and then make it wet with the syrup obtained dissolving on the fire the sugar in the water
    • when it becomes cold add the rum