Neapolitan cuisine has created dishes that have not only become part of Italian national cuisine, but are of international renown. Take spaghetti and pizza, for instance. More unusual are the "timballo di maccheroni" (macaroni cooked in a mould), "zuppa di soffritto" (fried soup) or "pasta ammiscata", a popular soup made by mixing up the leftovers of various kinds of pasta.
Its seafood specialities must not be forgotten. These include "impepata di cozze" (spicy mussels), mixed seafood salads, a vast selection of spaghetti served with various seafood sauces, "zuppa di pesce" (fish soup), and grilled and fried fish. The classical dessert is the "pastiera", a cake made with sweet pastry and ricotta cheese.


Gnocchi with sauce                  How to prepare the

Spaghetti with clams         "True Neapoletan Pizza"

Lasagna napoletana   







  Neapoletan coffee




Recommended wines
White wines:
Asprinio bianco, Biancolella, Code di volpe bianca, Falanghina, Forastera, Greco, Guarnaccia, Verdeca.

Red wines:
Aglianico, Barbera, Merlot, Piedirosso, Sciascinoso.

Authorized wines:
White wines: Bombino bianco, Montonico bianco, San Lunardo.
Red wines: Greco nero, Sangiovese.