"The True Pizza"

Ingredients for dough preparing
(for 4-5 persons) flour 0 kg.1 (or, better, flour 0 kg. 0,75 and ground of hard wheat kg. 0,25); yeast barm gr. 25; warm water lt. 0,6; salt; three spoonfuls of olive oil

ingredients for seasoning
peeled tomatoes (drained) kg. 1; "mozzarella" gr. 400; grated roman cheese; sweet basil; olive oil; salt.

  • arrange the flour as fountain and add the salt, the oil and the yeast barm already dissolved in a little of warm water
  • knead until dough becomes very firm and elastic
  • put it into a capacious tureen, sprinkle it with flour, make a cross-cut on the cough's surface, cover with a cloth and let it to leaven at least a couple of hours
  • when dough will be leavened, knead it again, gently, for it deflating
  • put again the paste to leaven until it becomes again very swollen (it will take one hour at least)
  • reduce tomatoes into small pieces or into an homogeneous paste
  • detach from paste quantities sufficient to prepare the pizzas and roll out until they become enough thin
  • put the thin layer of pasta in the baking-pan, distribute on it the tomatoes by a soup-spoon, put oil, salt and add a few sweet basil's leaves
  • put it in the oven already very hot
  • almost at the end of cooking (it take a few minutes) distribute on it small mozzarella's pieces
  • take it off of the oven when the mozzarella is melted almost and serve at table