Neapoletan roccocò


flour kg. 1; sugar gr. 800; not very toasted almonds gr. 600; warm water gr. 400; candied peel of orange and citron gr. 200; "pisto" gr. 25 (cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, white pepper); ammonia for pastry gr. 5; grated peel of mandarin and orange
  • mince an half of almonds and, with the remaining almonds, add to all the other ingredients kneading with the warm water
  • let rest the dough thirty minutes
  • form with the paste some small sticks having two centimeters of diameter, long twenty centimeters and close them in manner of ring-shaped cake
  • put the cakes on a baking pan sprinkled with flour, brush on with yolk and cook in oven at 200 °C 15-20 minutes