Church of San Gregorio Armeno e chiostro

The group of buildings consisting of the church of Saint Patrizia and the monastery was built on the remains of the Temples of Cerere. According to various sources, the church may have been built by Saint Elena, according to others by the Bishop Nostriano. After the "Concilio di Trento", and the new rulings regarding cloistered orders, the old chapel was completely rebuilt. We can find evidence of these cloistered orders in the iron bars of the building's fašade, in the grilles that imprison the choir, and in the splendid lighting of the "Polito" through which the Sisters used to communicate. The inside is aisles but has side chapels. It is worth noting the splendid box ceiling and two gold organs. Over the main entrance are three paintings of Luca Giordano. In the- side chapels there are paintings by De Rosa, Malinconico and Magliulo . You enter the convent through a stairway made of local stone ("piperno"). Beyond the vestibule there is the wonderful cloister of Della Monica, which has arches and pillars supporting terraces and belvederes, and a baroque fountain which provides the base for two marble statues of the Christ and the Samaritan. In the centre there is the Byzantine Chapel of the Madonna dell'Idria, decorated by De Matteis.