Church of San Lorenzo Maggiore

The Basilica is one of the most interesting examples of artistic "layering". The original layout of the church dates back to the XIIIth century, although it was subject to extensive restauration in the XVI and XVII centuries that modified the former structure. The church was built on a medieval structure on top of an original early Christian basilica. Charles I d'Angiou ordered the first building. After work carried out by local craftsmen, French experts continued the project between 1270 and 1275 and it was completed in the first half of the following century. The mixture of styles is plainly visible in the French gothic apse and franciscan gothic found elsewhere. During the baroque period the church was completely renovated. The fašade, which has the original marble door from the period of King Roberto, is the work of Ferdinando Sanfelice (1742). The tomb of Saint Catherine d'Austria (about 1323), the first monument built by Tino da Camaino in Naples, is situated inside the apse. The present facade of the church was created during the restauration of 1944.