Spaghetti with clams or-mussels


spaghetti gr. 600; clams or mussel kg. 1,5 (it's possible use the cockles that, however, are of less value); four cloves; tomatoes gr. 400; olive oil gr. 150; pepper; salt
  • put the mollusks on the fire in a saucepan covered and without water; they will be cooked when their shells will be opened
  • in a frying pan, prepare a sauce as for the "clams fujute" (with tomatoes, cloves and olive oil)
  • when the cloves will have browned, add the mollusks with their liquid (filtered); remember the clams must be served with their shells while the other mollusks must be served without
  • cook not much the spaghetti, drain and season them with the sauce laying aside the most of mollusks that You will put on the pasta in fine show with the parsley finely minced
  • serve at once at table