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Sofia Loren

Born in 1934 in Rome. Sofia Villani Scicolone, this is his real name, spent his childhood in Pozzuoli. He began his career at the age of fourteen by taking part in beauty contests, reciting novels and films in minor films under the name of Sofia Lazzaro.

Only since 1952, with “La Favorita”, choose the name of art that makes it famous in the world.
It is in the role of the exuberant pizza maker in “The Gold of Naples” in 1954, directed by Vittorio De Sica, that the actress met the great favor of the public, interpreting the character of the astute and frank, that will bring her so much success also in the following years. The turning point of his career came thanks to the meeting with the producer Carlo Ponti, who later became her husband in Mexico in 1957 and brought her to Hollywood, where she worked with the most famous directors and stars of the United States.

Their marriage caused a small scandal in the Catholic world due to a previous marriage of her husband.
But the celebrity in the international field came in 1960 with the film masterpiece of the director Vittorio De Sica “La ciociara”, based on the novel by Alberto Moravia: with the interpretation of the genuine populace victim of the violence of war, won the Oscar as best actress.

The same De Sica then wanted it in a series of exceptional Italian comedies alongside the great actor Marcello Mastroianni; to remember above all the film “Matrimonio all’italiana” taken from the comedy by Eduardo De Filippo “Filumena Marturano”.

His other significant films were “La contessa di Hong Kong” of 1967, directed by the great “Charlot” Charlie Chaplin, and “A particular day” of 1977, directed by Ettore Scola; in the latter film he played at very high levels, winning the David di Donatello, the Nastro d’argento and the Globo d’oro, playing the role of an unhappy housewife on the day when Hitler came to Rome to visit Mussolini. In 1991 People Magazine elected her among the most beautiful women in the world and received an Oscar for her career, as a recognition of her talent and her destiny as a star.

In 1999 he received the David di Donatello award for his extraordinary career in Napoli.

How to get to Vesuvius

Directions to Vesuvius By Car

If you have your own car you can reach the Vesuvius by taking the A3 Napoli – Salerno motorway to the Ercolano or Torre del Greco exits:

From Ercolano

At the exit of the Ercolano tollgate turn left under the highway bridge, go along Via Boscocatena, go straight to the crossroads of Via Benedetto Cozzolino; after the crossroads go straight on along Via San Vito, where you can admire the homonymous Baroque church. Left behind the church, after 2 kilometers of twists and turns (photo on the left) you reach the junction with the road that goes up from Torre del Greco, but you have to keep going up.

From Torre del Greco

At the exit of the Torre del Greco toll booth, turn right and go straight back to the crossroads; once you have passed the crossroads, go on first to Via De Nicola then to Via Vesuvio; after an easy path of 3 km you reach the junction with the road that climbs from Ercolano, parallel to the restaurant La Siesta, where you have to turn right and go up (photo on the right).

Leaving the aforementioned crossroad behind you, you continue to climb again and after 3 km you come across a new crossroads (at the Zi Rosa Restaurant): turning right you can reach the historic Hotel Eremo, the Church of S. Salvatore, the old and the new Vesuvian Observatory; if you want to reach the crater, instead, you must go straight. Shortly before the altitude of 1000, the road forks once again into two branches (photo on the left): one reaches the area of ​​the former lower station of the chairlift (the plants have been dismantled for some time), from where an excellent overview, the other stops at an altitude of 1000 where there is ample parking and where you have to continue on foot.

Directions to Vesuvius by Train, Bus or Taxi

If you do not have your own car, you can reach the Vesuvius by public transport. If you are coming from Capodichino airport you need to take the bus to the central station (Piazza Garibaldi). Even those arriving in Naples with the FS trains must get off at the Napoli Centrale station. From the latter, take the Circumvesuviana Railway and get to the Ercolano-Scavi station. Even those coming from Sorrento or Pompeii can reach the Ercolano-Scavi station using the Sorrento-Naples and Pompei-Naples routes of the Circumvesuviana. In the external square of the station operates a regular bus service, run by the Vesuviani Transport, and taxis that in little more than half an hour lead to the Vesuvio (quota 1000).

Directions to Vesuvius the Stretch on Foot

Once you reach the altitude of 1000 by car, bus or taxi, from the parking lot you have to continue on foot using a steep path that takes about 20 minutes to the edge of the crater. Access to the crater is payable and is only allowed with the accompanying guides on site. We recommend clothing suitable for a mountain path that exceeds 1000 meters of altitude.